What is ROL?

River of Life (ROL) project under the National Transformation Programme focuses on 8 rivers that runs through the greater part of KL/Klang Valley are the regions with the aim of transforming it to improve the water quality of these rivers.  These rivers were divided into various phases. The purpose behind this project is to apply river-cleaning components, in order to make them accessible for recreational activities together with waterfronts to improve its economic value.

The River of Life Beautification Masterplan covers a stretch of 10.7 km along the Klang and Gombak river corridors. By rejuvenating the Klang and Gombak rivers in the heart of Greater KL, city residents and visitors will have the opportunity to rediscover the aesthetic nature of our rivers and reconnect with them in an ecological way.

Many global cities, including London and its River Thames, Seoul and the Cheonggyecheon River, as well as Melbourne and the Yarra River, are built along waterways that not only serve transportation and recreational needs, but are also beautiful sceneries and tourist attractions in their own right. These rivers contribute towards the cities’ economic growth. Greater KL today aspires to join their ranks as a city whose riverbanks are full of life and vigor.


What is KLEAR?

Preceding the efforts of ROL, Klang Learning, Engagement & Action for River (KLEAR) is a component under the Phase 3A for public outreach. The two main rivers involved in this phase are the Kerayong river and Klang river. Aim of this program is to get the community surrounding these rivers including the educational institutes, local neighborhood community and corporate organizations, to be involved in efforts to reduce the impacts towards the river through the implementation of a more sustainable lifestyle. KLEAR aims to be the connection between organisation that are interested to contribute to this project so that the objective and goal is achieved. All activities and efforts of KLEAR are based on the sustainable development goals by the United Nations to achieve the main goal which are sustainable cities and communities (11th Goal), responsible consumption and production (12th goal), life on land (15th goal) and partnerships for the goals (17th goal).