The Competition is open to all secondary school students in Kuala Lumpur in the academic year 2017/2018.


  1. Each school may submit one proposal or more. Entries should be submitted with an official sign or acknowledgement of endorsement by the school.
  2. Only the first 50 schools to submit their proposals will be evaluated.
  3. An “official registered committee” of up to 5 students must only submit all entries. However, the students are allowed to rake in ideas and innovations from every other student. Only a formal submission of a “registered team” is required.

Proposal Format

  1. No hard copy needed.
  2. Each proposal must be within 8 A4 pages on both sides (16 pages total).
  3. The font size of your proposal must be no smaller than 12 pt.

Key content of your proposal

  1. Must have Title of the project.
  2. Must have Description of the project.
Solid Waste Organic Waste
Food And Garden Waste Used Cooking Oil
  • A brief report on the types of solid waste (e.g paper, plastic, wood) that are collected in your school.
  • Estimated quantitative and qualitative value of solid waste produced (e.g 10% paper, 20% plastic, 0.1% wood).
  • Brief report on any current waste management initiatives.
  • New and innovative methods on reducing, reusing and recycling solid waste produced.
  • A brief report on the quantitative and qualitative value of food waste and garden waste produced every day.
  • Efforts in managing food and garden waste.
  • Current disposal methods of used cooking oil (if any)
  • Estimated quantitative and qualitative value of used cooking oil
  • New and innovative ways in which used cooking oil can be recycled. Describe the process involved and materials used.
  • Technical diagrams or sketches (if any).
  • Specify which areas of your school you will work on.
  • Proposal plans on how to encourage overall school participation.
  • Pictures where necessary.
  • Proposed monitoring methods that ensures efforts are continuous.


Submission Deadline

Proposal submission will be opened on 1st January 2018. Dateline of all submission must be done before 6.00PM 31st March 2018. Online form will be closed after that date. Submission can be submit here.

Anugerah Hijau Timeline

Dates What’s Happening Remarks
1st August – 30th September 2017 Roadshow & Film Screening to schools registration opens Invite us to your school now! Apply here.
1st January 2018 Launching of Anugerah Hijau 2017/2018 competition and open of submission. Send us your comprehensive proposal here!
16th March 2018 Online submission dateline and selection of Top 20 Finalists Hurry up, don’t waste time!
April 2018 Announcement of Anugerah Hijau finalists. Finalist will be send for a workshop. You don’t want to miss the fun, here’s what happened last year!
May-September 2018 Project application and monthly monitoring and reports. Do your best to complete the best project. Good luck to all finalists!
September 2018 Submission of compilation report Don’t forget to send us your final report!
October 2018 Judging session & Award Ceremony All the best and good luck to all finalist.
November – December 2018 Up-size your ideas either in your school or for a charitable cause and get even more famous! Congratulation for all the winners!